Wednesday, December 05, 2007

I suck!

Holy Crap somewhere along the line I've started sucking at riding a mountain bike. Last night I did a little Sac with CMac, The New Green Skip, & The Old Green Bud. A total embarrassment. I couldn't get out of my own way. Bud gassed it from the word go on the Jones. Bastard has been riding some dirt miles. I had to dig deep to keep up on the single speed. His burst of speed was short lived thanks to the first of many, many flats. 3 or 4 total plus about 20+ min of standing around. That's riding at Sac.

Bud was kicking my butt on a rigid single speed. It was really starting to mess with my head. At one point he was running me over he was going so much faster than me. What the hell has the world come to? I used to be pretty good at the sport of mountain biking. All the cross riding has made me ride an MTB like a cross bike & frankly it doesn't work. This is a problem I'm going to have to remedy because I can't have Hogan kicking my ass. The Earth will spin off its axis & the gravity will flip flop if I don't right the ship.

What happened to the weather? Yesterday it was warm. Today windy, crappy, with worsening crap this afternoon. You have to love December in Missouri.

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