Wednesday, December 12, 2007

The off season is almost here

All this rain coupled with a newly healed shoulder has put visions of boating in my head. Hopefully the rivers cooperate & stay up so Monday I can dip my paddle for the first time in almost 2 years.
Current Bull Creek gauge. Its a go for now. Keeps those fingers crossed.
Bull Creek Taken the last day I went boating 11/28/005


  1. Hey
    Sorry for spamming, but I really like your writings and wanted to ask you if we could exchange links? Please write me a comment in my blog (my everyday glamour) that has to do a bit with the post *lol* then I know that’s okay for you ;-)
    Hope you’re okay,
    Chililady from Austria

  2. I wanna go! A bit out of pocket/indisposed at the momnt though. I need to get the boat out of the attic and work on the rigging. Got any foam?

  3. Mike I have several big blocks of closed cell.