Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Post XMAS ????

I got a gift card to A&B for XMAS (really my bday it was a little late). I'm going to retire my old semi slicks & purchase some new tread with it. What should I get? Remember I'm running tubes & refuse to run tires over 2.1. I've always like Conti's but I'm looking for something that's a good all round tire for the mixed conditions Sac has. Suggestions? I'm thinking Continental Speed King or Mountain King Protection though both are 2.2 so I'll have to change that 2.1 rule.

I'm once again gainfully employed. Start in around a week or so. I'm taking over the helm of the maintenance department at Buckhorn. I guess its about time to do the grind again. I low balled myself though, should have asked for more since I think I could have gotten it. Oh well. The plant is in the Partnership complex so I'll be TM's neighbor. Not going to be able to commute by bike either since Mia has to go back to daycare for a few hours everyday now since Amber is working 2nd at her new Massage digs. I'll have to do the 2 a day split workout routine again.


  1. so you're just going to be TM's neighbor, not mine? Fine.

  2. Ryan I forgot you worked out Kearney. What tires should I get Mr. Bike shop employee?

  3. Anonymous5:13 PM

    NORTHSIDE!!!!!!!! Thats how we roll! With a leittle east in there to spice things up a bit. Welcome.

  4. Sorry Scott, I think you're out of luck, we only sell new-cutting edge technology at the bike shop I work for. You would probably have better luck finding a tire for your bike at a garage sale or something. Good luck.

  5. HAHAHA Skip made a funny. Remember I'm a lot taller than you, I can bop you on the head smart guy.

  6. the reigning 2-man team of the Sac 12 Hour ran tubes this year. One flat apiece compared to hundreds more others experienced (including spewing Stan's I witnessed more than once).

    there's a little cross attitude in these legends, Conti 1.5.

    congrats on the gig. I have no idea what kind of job that is.

  7. Byron I'm a huge fan of the Cross Country's. If you could still get them in 1.9 I'd buy a 100 of them. I'm going to be hard pressed to ditch tubes. I've run Conti tubes since the dawn of time. Tried latex, etc, but always come back to Conti. They are heavier but have better rubber & removable valves(sealant). Better rubber means less flats. When I started MTBing I was the Flat King so have tried a lot of tubes.

    Gig involves running the maintenance department. Hiring, firing, scheduling, ordering parts, etc. I report directly to the plant manager. Lots of responsibility but sounds like a fun challenge (I Hope).

    Damn that reply was long enough to be a post.

  8. Can I wave to you as I pass your job site such as I do to TM while I am riding?