Monday, December 17, 2007

School Daze

Picture taken from Cyclingnews.

Schooled is all I can say about my Nationals experience. There was enough DNS that I got that front row grid spot. If you look closely I'm on the far left right next to the Brandon Dwight who would go on to win the race. Me I just rolled around on the ground & when I wasn't on the ground I had one leg out tripoding trying to stay up right. Kinda hard to ride with just one leg. Feel bad for Cale since I could tell he really wanted me to pit & take a bike but not any need when I was racing my own personal suckfest '07.

I did learn somethings for next year.

1) Cross season is long & you need extra equipment to get you through it. Cables (I used 3 sets this season4 if you count the cable change Cale did to my frozen pit bike), BB (used 2), brake pads (4 sets), tires (only had one flat but no spare Challanges, Tufo's SUCK), a better pit bike, & Eggbeater rebuild kits.

2) I guess I'm going to break down & pay the weight price & go to wider Tubbies. Next year I'm going to 32's instead of 30's. I'm also getting a set of File Treads.

3) I need to get stronger in my upper body. The frozen ruts were literally ripping the bars out of my hands.

4) Pros are very approachable & will answer even the most stupid of questions. Yes I asked Travis Brown some no brainers. I was in awe what can I say the guy is a freaking legend. Same with Mark Gullickson.

5) I need to race more in the Elites to get used to the speed. Maybe even a trip to a USGP to race an Elite Master's.

6) If you want to be National Champion you need to let Shane hold your bike. He held Dwight's & he won. Next year Farasy can hold Dwight's, Shane your holding mine.

7) I need to suck less.

I appreciate everyone who stood out in the blizzard & cheered for me. I don't think I went more than 500 meters without someone yelling for me. Not sure who everyone was. I think a lot of KC cross racers.

Now its time to wind down the year & start getting ready for next years Cross season. Cross Rocks!


  1. It was still fun even if you did SUCK!

  2. Yes I suck but I'm still better at cross than you are.

  3. Cool. You got to race in the snow!
    Paddling good for upper body.

  4. I was ready in those pits! That was fun stuff even if I didn't actually get to do anything. Here's something to keep in mind Farasy gets to acting like a fool when he drinks hard liquor...CMac
    P.S. My liver hurts

  5. there's a correlation between amount of hard liqueur drank & how much of a fool you become. I learned that years ago....the hard way.

  6. Look who's talking..."Mr. I can dish it out but can't take it"

    I'm going to need another crown and coke over here.

  7. I can't take it? You must be talking to Cale.

  8. Jimmy plus jaggy and hot damn equals someone who needs his ass kicked but is so small if you do it people make fun of you!

    Just racing in that stuff was something to be proud of.

  9. I think that photo has been changed. I am pretty sure that is me standing on the left and my head, and several others, seems to be missing. Look at the person in the reddish looking jacket with the dog or whatever beside him, where is their head?

  10. dude, glad you all made it up and back safely. great stuff. wish I had been there. looks fast and rough.

  11. Shane remember we started walking up the road at the start. Scotty had already lost like 20 spots at 200 meters in where we were standing. I'm not to worried about you kicking my ass remember Shane means "get your ass kicked" in another language.

  12. Yep your right I suck. Wanna buy a cross bike?