Monday, December 10, 2007

State CX Wknd

Epic conditions all weekend. Saturday lots of slick nasty mud. Made racing hard & as close to Belgium Cross as you can get in Missouri. Saturday I raced the A's to open the legs a bit.
Conditions were nasty & cold. On the line the USCF Number Nazi said the flyer was crap we were going to race 60 min instead of the advertised 45. Great 15 more minutes of freezing. I had quite the duel with Fish. Seems we're always going neck & neck. The 60 stairs sucked but really broke the race wide open. Fish kind of gifted me 3rd since it was my bday. After though he said he wasn't sure if it was a gift or I just rode away from him. Gift. Cale hung tough after jamming his chain to coome in 5th. I really thought he was going to real us in at one point but I found another gear & stretched the gap just enough.

After the race I had to visit the car wash to power wash my bike. Then I made a trip to the local wash-o-teria to foul up their industrial washers with my muddy kit.
Sunday we woke up to this. Ice & rain. Cale & TM bailed. Don't really blame them. Most fields didn't even have enough to make the state champ official. I think we would have had a couple more jerseys in the SPR today though if they would have stayed.

I decided if I didn't have a field I was going home. Surprisingly 7 people signed up for the 35+ so it was game on. I got the hole shot & never gave up the lead. Got as much as maybe 20 seconds but never less than 10. Even won the stair climb prime. I also ate shit big time right in front of the pavilion so everyone could have a good laugh with one to go. Got up pretty quick & held on to my lead to take the overall master's win & the win in the 35+.

Mia killing time in the Hermann Motel
Mia spent a lot of time in the car with Amber watching the races since the weather was so crappy.
Simpler instructions can't be found.
My bounty for the weekend. I like races with booze for prizes.
Mia is still tired this AM after a long weekend.


  1. Congratulations Scott!
    You have come a long way since your shoulder stuff.
    That photo of you is classic.
    That jersey looks flat drunk!

  2. May I have your jersey?

    Good Job Scott!


  3. Anonymous1:31 PM

    I noticed you are selling ads on your blog. Will this allow you to avoid getting a job for another month? CMac

  4. Kept getting emails asking me to sign up. So I figured it would be an interesting experiment. 2 months in & I'm $2.67 richer. Easy street here I come.