Sunday, April 06, 2008

5-4 Cards Win!

Saturday we drove up to the STL to take Mia to her first Big Birds game. This was also my first time in the new Busch Stadium. Very nice. I don't recommend sitting in the upper decks (300 sections) on the first base line in April though. While the rest of the park was working on their tans we we're bundled up trying not to freeze to death. There had to be a 20 degree difference between the sun & the shade. While we were there we scoped out our seats for when we go see Dave Mathews in June.
Mia faired pretty well on the way up. We'll not mention the return trip.
A nice day for a ballgame as long as your not in the shade. My niece & Brother in law got to go down on the field for batting practice. That's them in line.Mia got a St. Louis Cardinals Clydesdale Build-A-Bear. That kid is spoiled!

Huddled for warmth.
Mia & I sporting our jerseys. Mine is a Willie McGee.
Which I paid way too much for but its really cool.


  1. You gotta love Willie! That look on his face is unmistakable...
    P.S. Road racing sucks!

  2. Bringing that kid up right... as a Cards fan. I met Willie way back in 85 when he was MVP. My dad sold him an alarm for this house. He said he would send my an autographed baseball... I'm still waiting.

  3. Willie McGee was a great player not a great person.

    You could strike him out by throwing a pitch at his feet, he always swung at those.

    At least he was a handsome devil!