Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Shady Rapids

Late this afternoon I got out for some park & play at my favorite local white water spot Shady Rapids (sometimes called Big Rock) on Bull Creek. Yesterday I picked up a demo boat & was all set for some fun. I'm not used to being comfortable in a play boat but after all the inflatable stuff was blown up I was snug & comfy. Good thing I have a bomb proof roll because it would take an act of god to wet exit aka swim out of this thing.

I met 4 other people including one of Hogan's cousins Mikey Owens. Hogan tell him to get a shorter boat already that damn thing he's paddling is so 2002. Good time with just enough water to throw some ends & spin till I got sick. Really I did get sick & felt like throwing up. Getting old sucks. I guess I'll have to start taking motion sickness pills before boating in the future. I also rang my bell like it was the freaking Liberty Bell. I still have a headache several hours later. Water level dropped a little on me & a place in the hole where I had been flipping got super shallow on me. Thank god for Kevlar helmets.

More heavy rain in the future Yeah!


  1. No pics of the pretty h20? For shame!

    Speaking of long boat. Look at my attic dweller.

  2. damn, no wet exit, I guess drowning would be my only option.

    BTW if you havent figured it out Owens is stuck in the 80s, so a boat from 02 is like back to the future

  3. Mikey thats a shame to let that beautiful squirt boat sit unused. Spring River? I'm sorry to busy playing to take pics.

    Hogan The 02 boat he has he can't paddle anyway. Old dogs really can't learn new tricks. I thought I was going to have to get in that aircraft carrier & show him how its done.

  4. Yes Scott. It is indeed the mighty Spring River.
    Have you paddled Pecker's Gorge?
    The weather liar's lied againg.