Wednesday, April 23, 2008

Clif Notes

Here's the quick & dirty Clif Notes version of the last 4 weeks.

1) I got a new job...yes that's 2 this year. This job doesn't have a physcopath for a plant manager. I used my degree to diagnosis this idiot(first time I've ever used it). I'm now working for a division of SRC out in Strafford. I really like this job. Even though I have to work 5 10 hour days. I also got a shiny new stainless steel toolbox to celebrate the new J.O.B.

2) Amber & I went to the SRC 25th anniversary party. 3 Dog Night & the Doobie Brothers plus lots o beer. Good time. Jack Stack knows how too take care of his employees. Rumor has it he wanted Jimmy Buffet but he wanted a cool million to perform.

3) I got a new two me road bike. Will remain a secret what & how equipped because frankly its none of your business how I set up my rides.

4) My grass is growing to much & I've started working on my cobbles again.

5) Mia has grown two like make-up especially nail polish. My next major project will be to replace the carpet in my bedroom with hardwood. Thanks to Mia painting it red with "beautiful" nail polish.

6) Jimmy needed something made so he called me again. It pays to have friends with skills. By the way Jimmy I have it about done.

7) We went to Rock n Ribs. Not as fun this year. I already puked once for the year so held back on my beer intake. No repeat of the shopping cart incident. Which I had forgotten about, but JP remembered. I did pull a Mr. Wizard moment & fix the tent heater because it got chilly.

8) Speaking of JP I went & cut down his dead ice storm limbs for him. Pays to have in laws with skills. That's a 2 way street since he cooks the best tri tip in the SPR! But I do have to mention who invites someone over for hard labor & doesn't have mass quantities of good beer?

9) My back has decided to act up once again. I'm normally 6' tall, but lately I've been about 5'4"from walking around bent over in agony.

10) Damn its rained a lot & I've only been boating once. Need to remedy that. but new job has factored into that some.

Let's see that about brings everyone up to speed. I need to post some pics but the digi cam is about due to be replaced.

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