Monday, April 28, 2008

Monday Picture Share

This is the coolest race pic I've seen in awhile. I made it my desktop @ work. Who says Cadel isn't hard?
Another hard man. Out in the rain sporting my new $15 ear buds. Best earphones I've tried. Like having a concert in your head. Rolling the XM mobile on the Inno.
Spy shot.
A part I was making for a machine @ work.
The C30 I got as a loaner when I went & had the Volvo serviced. It's a rocket.


  1. looks like the new road bike is a Ridley, surprise surprise.

  2. DUH! When you get good deals on great bikes why not ride the best?

  3. $15 dollar ear buds...hell I can't get my damn Ipod to work! Damn modern technology. I knew I should have stuck with my 87 Sony Walkman.

    Nice looking bike!

    Where are you working now?