Monday, August 18, 2008

33 days till CX

The new camera broke @ the Dave show so you'll have to bear with the cell pics for now. With cross rapidly closing in, the next few weekends will be spent catching up projects on the home front so I can go a racing on a weekly basis. As Amber reminded me this weekend we've lived on Brecklyn now for 3 years & every year we've undertaken a major home project. This weekend we had had enough of the crap carpet in our house so out it went.
We made a trip to the Lowe's. Low & behold they actually had the same laminate that is in our kitchen. This made the project scale a lot littler thank god. In the back of my mind I thought I was going to have to redo the kitchen & the living room. Now its just the living room(this weekend anyway).

A little on Saturday & a little on Sunday & Mia is enjoying here new sliding floor. I am a lot worse for the wear though. I can hardly walk today I'm so sore. Getting old is rough. My back aches, my legs ache, my ass aches....Thank god for liquid aspirin Sunday night.

For some reason we can't figure out Mia decided Desitin is for her face.


  1. Wow. Your a bit of a Jack of all trades huh? I may need to hire you out once my dog is done peeing on the white carpet. How many sq.ft did you get?

  2. BTW. The picture of Mia is very cute, she's funny. I can't wait to have kids, at least they wear diapers.

  3. This round was about 300 sq/ft. I have been accused of knowing a thing or two. Its amazing what you can learn online. It helps I fix things for a living so I have a little bit of mechanical aptitude.

    I have dogs & a kid wouldn't trade either, even thought the dogs pee outside like their supposed to unlike Mia who refuses to go in the potty.

  4. There is a vagabond living over here right now that feels the hardwood isn't good enough for him! He is peeing on the lone rug in the house! I think he must know Mia and Belle...those three are prolly in cahoots! Does anyone know where I can get my hands on a carpet steamer?!

  5. Carpet Steamer? Yes I'm sure Justin Svelte can hook you up:)

  6. Justin Spinelli at Svelte Cycles just might have what I'm looking for but alas I have no thumbs! Have you ever tried to play Rock Em' Sock Em' Robots without fancy thumbs?!!!