Wednesday, August 06, 2008


Crap its sneaking up on me. I'm already behind on my training & putting my CX bike back together. This week isn't helping much since we're starting work @ 4:30AM to beat the heat. We have some deal with the Electric CO-OP that when the temp puts the electric into high demand they call us & we shut the plant down @ 3:00PM. I mean shut the plant down, turn everything off, throw the mains, & get the heck out of the building. So I have to be here at 4AM to throw the mains back on & make sure everything is going to start back up. Needless to say I'm not riding to work this week since I'd have to leave @ 2AM.

Luckily it looks like this little heat wave might be over so maybe I can get back on track. Going to head to KC this weekend to try & get some quality race training in. I hadn't planned on going, but with the cooler weather predicted, & with the little bit of form I had @ the OCC crits, I figured I'd better build on it with 3 days of hard racing. Then its a mad dash to cross.

Dave show was good rest of the weekend pretty much sucked. Sometimes I wonder if I am psychic & if I am why can't I ever use that ability to win the lottery.

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