Monday, August 11, 2008

40 days till CX season

Went to KC for a 3 day training camp with my Slimen team mate Kyle. Consistent boner moves got me 14th, 17th, 17th. Friday was a great course, super technical, my kind of crit course. I muffed up the sprint a bit but got complimented on my cornering after the race. Pure cross skills & the ability to turn off your brain.Saturday was epic! Rain, mud, slick roads, switchbacks, power climbs. Pure cross. I was pretty stoked that cross came a little early. Set myself up perfect in 10th just before the climb. Got swarmed @ the turn before the climb. panicked a little & tried to compensate by going up in my big ring. Boner move on my behalf, very cat 5. Sunday went ok, not really a course for me @ this time in my season when everyone else has been killing it in crits all season & I'm just in my April. I was bridging up to the break that stayed away. Saw that me & the guy I was trying to bridge with were being caught so sat up thinking the break would be caught too. Nope been there, done that should have known better than to sit up before actually being caught. Should have kept drilling it & caught the break. Another boner move. Did feel fine all day after 3 days of racing. The numbers showed 23x over 950watts, with 9 of those being over a 1000 watts. Not too shabby for a skinny old man after 3 days of racing.

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