Friday, October 31, 2008

DeStad Series Rankings

DeStad Series rankings are out. I'm leading the 35+ master's with two races to go. Last years series winner Jason Gaikowski(the maker of the ScottyD CX action figures as seen no where) is sitting in second. Proving that consistency is what you need to win a season long series. With two more races left he has a pretty good chance of taking the overall again if I don't show up to either race. But thanks to the Rent a Racer program I might just make one appearance perhaps even two.

The 45+ Master's is turning into a real horse race with The Arctic Hard Man Dan Hansen leading over the ever present Steve Songer by just 1 point. Showing once again you have to be consistent to take the overall. I'm looking forward to see how this one plays out. Songer has the horsepower, but Hansen has the consistency week in & week out.

Kyle has a way with words "Scott Dunsmuir of Springfield has taken the Masters field by storm, collecting 3 wins in the last 3 races." Almost embarrasses me a little, almost.


  1. Gaikowski it nipping at your heels with consistency. Recall he did win the category in this series last year.

    As for the comment on your recent wins, I'm pretty sure you weren't blushing, probably had a big shit eating grin.

  2. I know I gift wrapped it for him last year by not racing the last two. Don't want to give him a gift again.

    I would call it more of a chuckle than a grin.