Monday, October 27, 2008

Smithville Day 1

Money grows on trees in Smithville. Managed to snag $8(mostly by stopping & emptying the tree right before the finish, sorry Songer)

Interesting dynamic laid itself at my feet before the start of the race. Winkler was in Louville @ the USGP. Hejduk wasn't going to race. That left a big opening to take a healthy lead in the DeStad Series 35+. That was enough motivation to drill it from the word go. Actually got the hole shot. First one in awhile(granted I usually don't want the hole shot). I wanted to lead into the technical sections to try & string it out early. It was windy so I figured everyone would sit in & draft. To keep them honost I attacked a lot. Eventually I whittled it down to me & Steve Songer. He's in the 45+ group but it doesn't feel right having a 360 guy beat you so I kept attacking him. I'd go, he'd claw back. I'd get a big shit eating grin because damn this is racing & racing is fun!(hurts like hell though) I did this several times till I finally broke the rubber band. I managed to get a big enough gap to risk running to the money after the run up & give it my own version of defoliating. Picked it clean. Managed to roll across the line arms in the air with my bounty. Songer rolled across the line with the international sign of your number one (all in good fun).

Exploring the Pain Cave

Base Camp for the weekend.

Feel like crap this AM so will edit the report later

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