Monday, October 27, 2008

Smithville Day 2

Wasn't feeling so great warming up on Sunday. Wind had picked up again. My left quad was still a bit sore for some reason. I didn't give myself much of a chance of repeating the W from Saturday. Dan Hansen got the hole shot(nice guy who drives 4000 miles from the Arctic just to race in KC & he has the coolest jersey in the peloton). I took over in the roller section with the plan of slowing it down a little. I figured I'd be marked so why not make an easy tempo. I rolled around for the rest of the first lap setting tempo. At the start of the second lap Hejduk rolled through & I figured it was game time. Pace started picking up. Third lap Songer came through & upped the tempo again. We hit the pavement @ the wheel pit & I punched it really hard. My shadow grabbed on with his shadow Andy Lucas. This worried me since we'd opened a gap on Hejduk & I knew I had to go hard to stay away from him. I figured Songer & Lucas would wait till I tired then bum rush me to the line. Luckily I had descent legs & was able to shake Lucas. Songer held tough. I thought I might be able to talk him into helping if I dropped him & let him come back but decided I'd just stay on the front. Coming into the finish a gentleman's agreement was being made. I was offering & so was Steve. Thing was neither of us could hear the other over the wind. So a pseudo sprint ensued. It didn't take me long to figure out Steve wasn't sprinting so I got W# 2. That was a first back to back's.

Me & my 360 Shadow from all weekend

Steep run up from hell. Thought I'd hurt my left quad here on Saturday.

Kick ass roller section. My favorite part of the course. Had a sweet switch back section before it.

I can sprint when sufficiently motivated. Granted Songer wasn't sprinting so it was a little one sided. Heat of the moment & all.

Who's that turd on the top step ride for? Team fine coming for not wearing appropriate podium atire.

Think I ate some bad Taco Hell in Clinton on the way home so will update both days after I go blow some chunks

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  1. Great Job taking the W in the last 3 races in a row! That masters group is no joke either, keep it up.

    Will let the team fine slide this time... I was completely absent from our podium shot on Sunday