Thursday, December 18, 2008

Night CX, flash in the pan or here to stay?

A quick look at next seasons races(yes next season) shows a night time race @ Jingle Cross. 3 races in in 3 days makes the trip to Iowa well worth it. Looks like I'll have to seriously consider putting Iowa back on my schedule. What I also noticed, no UCI races in the big MO. I figured with Natz moving we'd have at least one. Its still early though

As for night time racing I've said it before & I'll keep saying it, I don't like it. But it looks like I'm going to have to learn to live with it. Butthead was saying @ Natz there could be upwards of 4 night races in the STL next season. God knows how many are in the works in KC. Yikes. I guess it is fun for those watching. I think to be fair though we need to have a 4 am cx race for those of us that get up very early & go to bed when most night races start. Promoters?


  1. If they add Octagon cage fighting to it...i think it'll catch on. Jus' sayin.

  2. You might be on to something. WEC meets USCF