Friday, December 19, 2008

Updates on other than cross, well sorta of

No riding this week in two parts due to the weather & my stomach. The weather has been for shit. Right now its 54F but according to the Weather Channel in an hour its supposed to be 38F, nice. Its actually warmer outside right now than in the plant(no joke). My stomach is still trashed from last weekends bought with the flu. Not sick but definitely not right. Oh well hadn't really planned on riding this week anyway since I need a mental health week or two.

As for the J.O.B. looks like I have a job for sure through January & the layoff is cut back to a week. That's for now. Been changing on an almost daily basis. Which has been contributing in part to my continued stomach problems. Very stressful not knowing. Hopefully today I find out if I get loaned out for that layoff week to go fix stuff at another divisions plant. If that works out it will be a nice break to be elsewhere for awhile since fixing stuff really does relax me. Its the puzzle aspect of it I guess. Either way it'll be a vacation of sorts if I'm laid off for a week or helping out elsewhere.

The January CX races are tempting but the wheels are hung up for now. I'll take a few more days off completely then start back up with some running(that 50k in February sounds tempting). Maybe get back on the Single Speed sometime in January. Keying your season around Cross sure gives you some flexibility in the winter years, for now anyway. Once Nationals goes to January I'll have to figure out how to stay motivated for an extra month, but for now its couch surfing time.


  1. I hear ya bro-- I got hit with a massive head cold Monday morning and have felt like dog ass all week. perfect timing tho with no racing and get it out of the system before the holiday push.

    Good to hear about the J.O.B. hope it keeps trending upward.

    Put your feet up, you deserve it!

    Merry Christmas!

  2. I'm not really in a festive mood this year but Merry Xmas to you & yours. Hopefully Santa is nice & brings you some cool cycling goodies.