Monday, December 08, 2008

What if you Had Worlds & Your guy didn't come

It looks like Cross World's could once again have the U S of A not sending their National Champ. Two of the Potential winners, Todd Wells & Tim Johnson, have already said they won't go to World's. That sucks for Cross in the US. I think USAC should make it mandatory if you win you have to go & you go on USAC's dime. I just don't get it. Yes I understand the long season & other commitments. But if your a National Freaking Champion you have obligations that go beyond all your others. Don't get me wrong Wells & Johnson are two of my favorite racers but I think they have an obligation to the sport. Hopefully if they win they'd be willing to change their minds(though I don't think Wells will). I guess I'm cheering for Page & Trebon now more than usual.


  1. USAC CEO is a TOOL!

    TJ and Wells are sending a message.

  2. What message? That we can't compete on the International level so why try? They are pissing away good start money. You have to admire Powers for making a go of it.

    USAC is full of tools

  3. Just wanted to pop in and wish you a VERY HAPPY BIRTHDAY.. Mum
    Boy I feel OLD today...

  4. Thanks Mom, guess the cats out of the bag. Though I think my mom would shoot said cat, not a fan

  5. Happy birthday old man!

    Start money for the Worlds? Really?

    So instead of taking a personal financial hit, he collects money from his sponsor to stay home.

    I'll ask him this weekend, but speaking to his old coach TJ is wiped and does not want to eat the cost.

  6. Not worlds the XMAS CX orgy leading up to World's. World's is just an honor thing, fly the flag high & all.