Sunday, December 07, 2008

When life kicks you in the nutz....

go mountain biking. I think that might become my new motto.

An hour worth of the above is worth more than a whole bottle of anything a shrink can prescribe you. At one point I was singing Xmas carols I was having so much fun. My back is F'd though today. Turns out when you get to my age you can only switch back & forth between 2 bikes not 3, especially one you haven't ridden in about 6 months. For you overly observant readers yes that is a flat rear & yes those were the WRONG tires for the conditions at Sac. I didn't feel like swapping them out. That is also a 400mm seatpost! Holy Treefarm. I figured its a Kona why not.

Mia is now designing her own clothes.

Since I'll probably be a no show at Natz I'm practicing my viewing by reading about the USGP final in Portland via the live feed. CXMag is doing it for Natz as well.


  1. A no-show at Nats? Wh, wh, wh, what? You're just going to throw the entry fee away? Chamois up and ride, it'll be good for you.

  2. Ryan its more than throwing away an entry. If my heads not in it I'm throwing away good money for gas & time. Right now I'm tightening the old belt getting ready for the lean times that are on the horizons. I haven't totally written off Natz just 99% written them off. They have them ever year so I'll live.