Saturday, January 17, 2009

A week without a post.....

Doesn't seem like me does it? Actually been pretty busy. Started back at work week before last as the sole maintenance idiot. That was a rough week, being sick, having to hold hands, & fix machines that hadn't run in two weeks after sitting in a plant that rarely gets above 55F in the winter(regularly see 31F in the compressor room!). This week my partner in maintenance high jinx returned so a lot of the pressure was taken off my shoulders & I was able to play catch up on a lot of other stuff. Job outlook is still week to week but there is some glimmer of hope.

Amber started back to school this week so we're all adjusting to the new school/work schedule. This semester she's taking classes on campus as opposed to last semesters online classes. Plus she found out she has a wicked case of Bronchitis after going for a chest X-Ray. I still have a pretty good hack as well.

Training? Rode the trainer once this week for an hour. My hacking cough, going to work @ 4:30AM, the freezing temps(5F Thursday & 7F Friday), coming home & having marathon head butting competitions with Mia have taken away the motivation to sit on the trainer. Hopefully it will warm up soon so Mia & I can get out with the trailer. An off road model would be very cool. Might have to put that on my project list. Soup up the trailer with shocks for trail riding.

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  1. Wondered where you have been. Welcome back. TK