Monday, January 19, 2009

CX World's Team

I rarely read Velosnooze but found this article interesting. I've made my opinions pretty clear on who goes & who doesn't go to World's. I understand some of the Pro's feelings but this year we've nominated 5 riders & only 4 will go(maybe). I think team coach Marc Gullickson should make a judgment call & taken Jamey Driscoll(Yes I know he has school commitments, but I bet his Profs would understand). He's had an impressive season. Tons of UCI points. An impressive ride at Natz. Our top hopes are starting to get older. Maybe we should inject a little youth into the mix. Sending Driscoll gives him World's experience & fields a full roster. Plus who knows maybe he could have had a break out ride. I know this is all a moot point now since Driscoll has ended his season & can't prepare properly. USA Cycling should have pulled their heads & not nominated a guy who has said from September he's not going to World's. So its not like is was a big surprise. They should have had used the 5 spot as a discretionary pick & used their heads for a change. Another black mark on a great season of cross.

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