Wednesday, January 21, 2009

2009 Races

First race of '09 for me. That's right an MTB race. Will be the first one since 1996. Plus it's a Chris Locke race & I'm a huge supporter of Chris Locke races after he stepped up & helped me out during CX season. I'm excited. Now I just have to get out & log some hours on the MTB.


  1. you are easily bought! (not baggin')

    i'm in for the 3 hour!

  2. I'm a simple man with simple needs what can I say.

    I figure 3 hours will be good training if nothing else. March is a bit to early to be turning pedals in anger but it will be fun.

  3. 3hr races are great. Same pace and heartrates as a 90 minute mtb race, just twice as long. No pacing whatsoever like the 6hr race.

  4. Was kinda wondering about pacing. Its been so long since I raced MTB it will have an all new learning curve. Back in the CORPS days most of the races were in the 2.5-3 hr range anyway. The year I won Rage in the Sage my time was 2:50.