Thursday, June 04, 2009


Tomorrow @ the Ass crack of dawn Mia goes in for surgery. Nothing major just tubes in her ears. Hopefully it will end the constant battle we have had with ear infections. Unfortunately she inherited my bad ear genes & has chronic ear infections. I didn't have to go the tube route but she does. Though I am getting as deaf as a bat(work related more than genetic) we don't want her to be. They say it is no big deal.

Tonight Mia & I went to a pre op party to get a tour of what we'll go through Friday. I get to go in the operating room till the gas knocks her out. Since we're shooting for kiddo numero dos Amber has to sit in the waiting room while I wear the white antrax suit. The tour was pretty informative & Cox does a good job of putting the parent & the kid at ease for what is happening. Mia even walked away with a belly full of ice cream & a baggy full goodies(I'm sure I'll be billed for it all).

Read this article. while you wish Mia well. A lot of familiar names ie Irwin & Smith. Great pics of my old stomping grounds. Man I miss Gunni!


  1. Wishing Mia well and a speedy 'up and at'em'


  2. We had the same problem with Christopher and had to resort to tubes. I hope the tubes work for Mia, because they did not help much us. That kid had ear infections for 5 years straight...

    Get well soon Mia.