Monday, June 01, 2009

Tail gunning

Sunday went about as I expected. Hotter than the 7th level of hell, lots off craziness on the climb(goofy spectators with baby dolls). I used all my years of wisdom & got off the line like a bat out oif hell to miss the first lap screw ups on the initial climb. Faded back nicely to the tail gunner spot. "Yelled/scolded" @ JB(a real gamer & class act racer who had his head somewhere else, way smarter than that normally). Big ring on the climb? Not this kid I spent 95% of the race in my 38(which the 235 avg watts will attest too). Only got in the 53 long enough to grab a wheel out of the downhill turn & shifted back down to the 38 at or right after the finish line. What can I say I have mad tail gunning skills. I did about screw the pooch with 8 or 9 to go & had to grab a jr's wheel & let him drag me around 10 guys who split off the back.

Normally the heat KILLS me. Tried a new strategy that worked killer! Plus I rode through the sprinkler EVERY lap. One of the benefits of tail gunning. I rolled in 26th. I beat 4 whole guys in the sprint. Yeah me! Something like 80 starters 30-35 finishers. Mad Attrition. Like I said JB the race is all fluff till the last 15 minutes. Conserve, conserve, conserve.

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