Saturday, August 14, 2010

Deer Run

I've lived next to the Deer Run Subdivision for 5 years now.  Last night I found out why it got its name.  I was running along at dusk when what I thought was a dog ran up besides me.  Nope it was Bambi, spots & all.  I was so startled I couldn't get my crackberry out to get a pic.  After running with me for a few feet it sped off into the field.  About 3 minutes later it did it again.  This time a passing car saw it & slowed.  The driver yelled at me to put a leash on my dog.  I yelled back it was a deer. He looked at me like I was high.

Bambi buzzed me one more time before joining momma deer in the field.  I thought that was pretty cool.  I hit my turn around & started to run back.  Bambi thought buzzing me was a fun game since it did it two more times.  I was starting to get pretty paranoid since each time it got closer.  I ran about a 1/2 mile looking over my shoulder.  The Bambi run in aside I got a pretty good 4 miler in averaging 7:30 miles.  Felt pretty good too even though my avg HR was a little high.

Locals:  Time to whittle down the bike parts.  First up a set of 26"mtb SunRingle RPM Lite Wheels(rim brake only) Includes Ringle skewers & Kenda Short Tracker Tires. $100obo get them before I put them on Ebay

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