Monday, August 09, 2010

Project 18 rolling along

After looking at my work calendar I picked a day for my first 5k warm up race. Sept 25. Thing is there are 4. yes 4! 5k's in & around Springfield on that day. Holy Hell. There is maybe 4  bike races in Springfield ALL year let alone 4 in one day.  I'll have to do some research & find the flattest one.  One I think I have done before so I'll have a time reference for it.  I ran 19:13 with zero miles in November.  Granted my CX form was coming on in a big way.  I figure in 6 weeks of running I can surely run at least 19:45. 30 seconds slower is doable.

I did see there is a 5k trail run with a 5k kayak race the week before(9/24).  Might be interesting.  My creek boat is a pig to paddle in flat water though.  Will have to think about that one.  Might be able to borrow a longish sea kayak.  17' limit.

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