Sunday, August 08, 2010

Slo Rolling into Sunday

I'm moving pretty slow today. After Friday's 5 hr power washing marathon & yesterday's all day stain fest on the deck I'm pretty sore today. I slept in & convinced Amber to work on my legs a bit to help with the soreness. She dug in & I thought I was going to cry. An hour later & a couple of Tylenol I'm up and at em at the crack of noon.

Today I just have some touch up work, a few stiles, & the main stairs left to stain & I'll be done with the deck for two years. Shouldn't take more than a couple of hours & we can be grilling this evening outside on a deck that looks good as new. That's a big huge check mark on the old to do list.
I need to mow the yard today since its my last day off but I might just wait till we get back from the Baby Doc tomorrow morning. One of the advantages of working nights is being able to get a few things done on my first night back before I go in. That is if I don't mind 24+ hrs without sleep. Kinda getting used to it now.

Heat wave is supposed to return next week so work is going to be ridiculously hot again. I'm not a heat person so that makes it even harder for me to motivate to train. I might have to log a few running miles in the am after I get off work. Or stick the Ridley on the trainer. I really need to invest in rollers I guess.

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