Friday, August 06, 2010

The To Do List

Everyone has one. Some small, some large, some overwhelmingly ambitious. Mine is pretty big but manageable. That is if I put effort into it. With lack of riding I've been putting a pretty good dent into mine.

Today is day 2 off & being Friday Mia hangs out with me all day. She has been a holy terror lately but so far today she has been willing to cooperate with my to do list. So far today I've managed to clean out the Volvo, take it to the car wash(before 10am get $2 back @ Mr. Zippy's), used the free high powered car vacs. I did forget to pick up some tire shine so that will have to be done later.

Ran over & got a hair cut & shaved my face to make the wife happy. Once home I got in high gear & sprayed the yard for bugs. Fleas are sneaking in from the neighbors yard; I really dislike my neighbors.

I then busted out the Pressure washer to clean the deck. I had bad luck in the past with this. Every time I pressure wash the deck it rains before I can seal it. No rain in the forecast so hopefully tomorrow I can cross this nagging item of my list. I'm over 2/3 done but had to stop so Mia could get a nap. Amber is home busting ass now so I can get back on it.

Sunday we are going to prep for the neighborhood yard sale. Got to make room for kid numero two. I also ordered a bunch of flat rate boxes so I can start Ebaying all the crap in my garage. Going to get rid of a bunch of bike parts & spare wheels as well. I'm done kidding myself I'm never going to finish those project bikes so that's crossed off the to do list.

Amber just added to the list. Furniture moving to start setting up Jr's room. Cross one thing off & 3 more go on.

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