Friday, November 19, 2010

Me Productive?

Doesn't seem right to be productive while on a stay-cation.  Yesterday I woke up at 4 am so decided to get a jump on the day.  Managed to get a chilly 5 mile run in.  Hit the dentist.  Took Mia with me to get my hair cut.  Plus to cap it off changed the oil in the Volvo.  After all that I took a 2.5 hr power nap.  That's a full day right there.  Pretty much couch surfed the rest of evening.

Today I woke up @ 3:30 am.  I guess it lets me catch up on a bunch of shows on the DVR.  I figure the sleep deprivation will prepare me for the arrival of K2 next week.  Speaking of we go to the Dr. this afternoon for a sonogram & what should be the final Dr. apt.  The contractions are coming pretty regularly so it should be soon.

I got in a pretty cold 6 miler this am.  26f with wind chill.  What's crazy is 70 is predicted for this weekend.  Thanksgiving day about race time at the Turkey Trot its supposed to be 22f.  I ordered some J-Pow embro so hopefully it shows up before Thursday.

Ambers off to the anesthesiologist for a consult on the epidural.  I think Mia & I are going to hit the garage to work on the mtb's disc brakes.  Lots of good advice so I'll try again.  With the weather predicted I think it would be good to hit the trails.  It'll be the only way to avoid the hurricane force winds that will come with the temps.

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