Sunday, November 21, 2010

The Time Has Come

Nine plus months of waiting are over.  Tomorrow is GO TIME!  Going to go off the grid for a bit(I've been banned from Twitter, FB, Tumblr, etc) but will post pics, etc after K2 is settled & named.  Yes we still don't have a name.  I think besides that we are all set.  His room is done. Cleaning the carpets this afternoon.  Baby seat is in the car.  Amber's bag's are packed.  Off to the hospital in the am to finally meet K2.

Took advantage of my last 4 days off to catch up on choirs, errands, etc so that they are all out of the way.  Went ahead and took advantage of todays warm temps to hang the Xmas lights.  It way to early but its warm & I was motivated.  I mean I was up at 3 am.  I ran, watched the super prestige race, so needed some thing to do. The early wake ups have let me get a lot of stuff done, including a good run every morning.  Plus I've squeezed in a killer nap every afternoon.  Might as well get them while I can.

Turkey Trot is Thursday.  #project18's big day.  Did a speed workout Saturday that I hope says I'll hit the 18 mark. I have to avg 6:07 miles to go under 19:00. Going to be wicked cold though.  If my Jpow embro shows I'll wear shorts, if not it will be a tight morning.  Never been able to run very fast in tights.

Well all for now.  Wish us luck!

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