Thursday, November 25, 2010

#Project18 Fail Turkey Trot 2010

My 9th Turkey Trot(16th annual) didn't go as I had hoped.  The weather turned to crap.  Sleep is a thing of the past with Alex now.  I figured surely I could break 19:00 with all the running I've been doing, especially after running 19:13 last year with zero running.  Well that's what I get for thinking.  19:00.0000.  I screwed myself going out too fast.  I told my self not to get caught up in the wave in the first mile.  Nope did it anyway(mistake #1). 5:36 for the first mile.  I panicked a little and throttled back(mistake #2). Ran second mile a little too comfortable in 6:20.  Fell asleep in the 3rd mile (mistake #3) 6:26.  Saw the finish clock & sprinted for all I was worth to hit 19 exactly. Damn so close.  Should have leaned.  What I should have done was run even splits.  I guess I'll have to regroup & hit a 5k next week.

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