Thursday, February 17, 2011

2011 Ride #1

2/16/11 Yep I waited 46 days into 2011 to get my first ride of the year in.  I haven't even gotten out for a run since Jan 9!

Why you ask?  My work mostly, & the attempt to see the family as much as I can on my very few days off in the last 30+ days.  Its hard to justify going out for an hour or more to workout when you either are at work or asleep. Unfortunately this cycle of work, work, & more work has no immediate end insight.  The night shift opposite me had one guy take a month leave of absence.  The day he came back another guy on that shift quit.  The coverage for that shift falls to me and another guy.  Lots of 5 & 6 days in a row.  Doesn't seem like much?  Try working 12 hr night shifts & you'll have a change of heart.  By the time I get to work & get home I've been gone almost 14 hrs.  Doesn't leave much time for anything else.

I have been trying to compensate by doing my version of Crossfit... Workfit.  Lots of stair walking, pull ups, dips, hefting around heavy crap at work.  It seems to have worked because I didn't die riding yesterday.

With temps to be in the mid 60's there was no way I couldn't ride.  Especially after last weeks -12.
There are still piles of snow around but a pretty nice day.  Rode my favorite 2 hr loop north of the house.  The county has decided to enforce this bridge closing with more than signs now.  Huge piles of dirt requires a quick dismount now.

Had another wait for this HUGE train.  Allowed me time to catch up with Twitter & change my listening selection from F1B podcast to some Modest Mouse to get me home.

Nothing special about the ride.  All little ring.  I averaged a whopping 148 watts for Just shy of 2 hrs. My ass is sore as hell today.  Imagine that with almost zero saddle time since who knows when.


  1. I usually go from Xmas to mid march with ZERO rides. This year has been such a change. Some xc skiing, couple trainer rides, rode out doors for a week in early january, etc. I hope it pays off. Nothing more than an hour, mind you, but I at least not serious muscle atrophy. Just weight gain.

  2. This is the first winter in a long time I haven't stayed in some sort of shape. I guess too much work is better than no work