Sunday, March 13, 2011

2011 Ride #5 Furry Legs on a sunny day

The winter fur.

Saturday was warm & not too windy.  Got out for ride #5 of 2011.  Another 2 hrs @ a Normalized Power of 214.  Other than that nothing special. I did do 20 secs @ 418 watts sprinting away from a dog (638 for 5 sec, 566 for 10 sec).  My HR never got over 150 in those 20 seconds so thats something I guess.  No rush for fitness for me anyway.  If I race more than 3x this summer it will be a miracle.

Granted I'm only up to Ride#5 but I've been on the bike for 21 straight days.  That is till Friday.  All the OT & commuting wore me out.   I had a DR. apt Friday so decided instead of making myself so tired I get sick I drove to work Thursday night.  Actually drove to work twice.  Got to work realized I left my work keys in my bike bag so had to head home & get them.  No keys means no uniform & no tool box access, can't have either of those.

I'm about to do something really stupid.  Going to go and "race" the Frozen Waffles Race Training race in a few hours.  The stupid part? Take your pick: I'm on ride 5 of the year, or the biggie, I have to go to work tonight(just an hour or two after the race). Stupid I know.  Luckily the Master's race is only 44 miles(will also be longest ride of year so far) so hopefully I can race & get home.  I might pull the cord early though if I think I'm gonna be wore out for work.  

I have laid off the coffee for the last month.   Decided today would be a good day to end that with all going on today & tonight.  Hello mass amounts of caffeine.

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