Monday, March 14, 2011

2011 Ride # 6 Race #1 Frozen Waffles Training Race

Lets face it I had ZERO business racing right now but I made a deal & a deal is a deal. there

Jerred Brackett
@TheRealScottyD Oh man, that's a tough one...I'm such a sucky TT'er. But yes I will come out to one if you show up. Deal!

There you have it I did Frozen Waffles now Bracket will be doing some local TT's this year.  I say some because once he does one I think he'll HAVE to do more.  

I pretty much treated this like a $20 group ride.  Especially since there were just 6 Master's.  The 123 field looked descent size for an afternoon training race in Springfield.  I decided weeks ago I was going to mostly tail gun.  Little did I know the eventual winner(Mr. Ski Mask) had the same idea, except for different reasons.  A few guys tried to gap me off several times so I had to inform them I wasn't really racing so quit wasting energy on me.  

After the first 11 mile lap I knew I was screwed going up the Dam hill(it really is a hill up the back side of a dam not a Damn hill).  I'm down on weight but also down on mileage.  I held on & even took some pulls for the first 3 laps. 

On lap 3 I got gapped off a little coming up the hill after the lake.  I managed to tag back on.  After this I decided once we hit the dam hill again I was going to sit up about half way since my legs were burning & my left knee was hurting pretty good. 

 I thought about bailing & heading home to go to work(I forgot to mention I had to go to work a few hours after the race) but hell why not get some miles. So put my head down into the wind & soloed the last lap.  About got lapped on the line by Brad Huff winner of the 123 race(duh).  Oops.

Packed up my stuff rushed home & got ready for work.  Work SUCKED! not only was I tired from no sleep & racing but work was exceptionally busy.  Stupid day light saving time.  Always screws up the computers at work.  Pretty tired this am but going to put on my compression tights & sleep it off.  I might actually wake up to an inch of snow! Wasn't it like 70f Friday?

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