Sunday, March 06, 2011

2011 Ride #4 & The Stand Off

Saturday before heading to work I got in a quick hour on the windtrainer. Two rides in a row!  That makes me 50/50 for rides this year. 1/2 road 1/2 trainer.  Another SST @ 201 watts.  Didn't feel too bad.  Had to adjust my left cleat a little to attempt to do away with some knee pain I seem to get every spring.  Other than that nothing special about the "ride".
Big news Saturday night was the stand off the Sheriff & SWAT had at the house 4 houses down from me.  Amber texted me at work to tell me there were cops all over the place on our street.  Thanks to the Twitter I found out why.  I was able to follow along all night.
Twitter / KTTS News: KTTS Breaking News Neighbo ...
KTTS Breaking News Neighborhood Peace Disturbed: No one is hurt and one man ... - Cached
Turns out 2 guys held two woman and another man at gunpoint for several hours before 911 was called. A domestic dispute gone bad.  This was all coming to ahead right as I was hopping on the commuter to ride to work.  Guess the police were on their way or had just been called.  Probably would have skipped work if I knew this was going down so Amber & the kids weren't at home alone all night. 
Standoff Last for 6 Hours in Southwest Greene County: A standoff with ... - Cached
SWAT sent in their fancy robot to find out no one was there(glad my tax dollars got some use).  The police arrested one suspect when they released the "hostages". They think in the confusion of locking down the neighborhood the other gunman snuck off.  Besides the robot being sent into an empty house after being surrounded for several hours the story is made funnier(as funny as this situation can be) by the fact that the "gun" they found was a BB pistol. 
For what is normally a quiet neighborhood I don't know why my street has to be the epicenter of everything that happens in the entire subdivision.  I've been thinking about getting a hand gun for awhile now.  This pretty much seals the deal.  Amber isn't thrilled about the idea but I'm not thrilled about being at work all night with her home alone with the kids when I'm at work.  I'd get an arm but I just don't have confidence in ADT or the other options.  I guess I could just rig up a panic alarm.  Hmmm might just do that, if nothing else to wake the neighbors up occassionaly.

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