Friday, March 04, 2011

2011 Ride # 3 Windblown

Got out yesterday before the clouds came in for a pretty descent road ride.  

Headed up towards Bois D'arc to check on the TT course.  Of course that meant a tail wind up & a block head wind back.  Still managed to av 18 mph so not too bad.

Cool old school house at the 3 mile marker of the TT course.
Started out in Knee Warmers but had to ditch them about an hour in.  Stopped at the under pass on the TT course to disrobe.  Ended up with 2:10 with an average of 176 watts or 200 Normalized Watts for 1371Kj.  Not a bad ride for ride # 3 of the year.  Looks like ride #4 today will be on the trainer.  

The above idiot was DT'ing & decided to swerve at me.  Then slammed on his brakes & stopped in the middle of the road & got out of his truck.  This winner was a full on Meth head.  I kept my distance but couldn't help but laugh at him which made him even more pissed.  Thing is the idiot is roofing a house in my neighborhood.  After he said he'd kick my ass I told him I'd go ahead & call the Sheriff since I know where he's working.  He had a change of heart then.  Total Dumb Ass.  I had a better pic of him waving his arms but it didn't turn out.

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