Thursday, February 24, 2011

2011 Ride #2: A Windtrainer to no where

Damn rain put a kink in my hopes of getting in a couple hours on the road bike.  Hit the Wind trainer for an hour of steady state(195 watts avg).  Passed the time watching Letters from Iwo Jima.  I put The Pacific on my BlackBerry the other day and have been on a WWII kick.  Its unimaginable how tough the Marines in the Pacific theater of war were.  

Once I finish watching Letters from Iwo Jima I'd cue up Flags of Our Fathers but of course the streaming only NetFlix doesn't have it available for streaming.  I'm starting to think the steaming only NetFlix is only good for seasons of TV shows & documentaries.  About 90% of the stuff I want to watch is DVD only which you can't get with a streaming only package.  Hopefully it will improve some once the CBS/NetFlix deal kicks in.

Back to work Friday night for another 6 day stretch so just commuting miles for me.  Got in 5 of the 6 days last week.

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