Thursday, February 24, 2011

How to make an F1 Car & other musings

HMMM I have access to an autoclave about that size at work. Need to figure out where to lay my hands on some carbon fiber fabric.

FYI The Haynes manual is real. Its a promotional book , but supposedly has some basics of have to work on the RB1. Going to be out in the spring early summer. Going to have to get one.

Sucks the Bahrain GP is cancelled but it was the right thing to do. Back to the old season opener In Melbourne. A race that is in trouble itself. The Melbourne council is tired of sinking money into the race so they don't want to renew the contract when it ends in 2015. I imagine in the next few years there will be several GP's going the way of the dodo.

All this unrest in the Arab nations could bring on another global recession. I saw on the news expect $4/gal by summer & $5/gal by end of summer. That just adds more reasons for me to get CX races going here in Springfield. Its going to be hard to justify a big outlay of gas money to drive to KC or the STL for 40-60 min of racing(at least for me anyway).  I've already stopped driving to work.  A few of the production supervisors were giving me crap about riding to work the other day.  I told them to laugh it up now because I'll be laughing at their fat asses when gas is $5/gal.

Anyway I got of topic there for a second. With oil going up its going to hit my job pretty hard since rubber is petroleum dependent. Expect bike tires & tubes to go up as well becasue of this. Better stock up on them now. I read on article on Velonews the other day about aging tubulars.  Makes me wish my house had a basement.  How I bought a house without a basement is beyond me.

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