Friday, February 17, 2012

Almost Skunked

As I have been doing lately on my first day off been sleeping most of the day.  Then get up for a few hours till the kids go to bed.  I'll then head out for a run in the dark.  Last night I got out at 8:30 pm.  I'm a little behind for the week so decided to stretch my run out to 10 miles.  Not a big believer in make up miles but really wanted to keep my weekly mileage up.

I have several miles of Greenways near my house which make running in the dark a little safer.  Turns out if I run to the end of all three stretches it makes a good 10 miler.  Most of it follows the Wilson's Creek so there are a couple of bridges.  I was almost over one when I got a whiff of skunk.  About as soon as I smelled him I saw him.  That is saw his tail standing at attention in spray mode.  I'm pretty sure I set a PR for running backwards.  After I was pretty sure he was safely in the under brush at the end of the bridge I sprinted out of the area as fast as I could go.

The temperature dropped 7 degrees on me while I was out.  It was 40 when I left & 33 when I got home an hour 15 later.  I picked the wrong tights & the last two miles I had frozen legs which made keeping my pace up a challenge.  When I got home & started to warm up I got the itchy warming skin feeling.  Hate that.  Will have to make a mental note not to wear my 2XU tights below forty degrees anymore.

Today going to run 8.  Should be a nice day for it this afternoon with it supposed to get to 56.  If I can get out early enough today might try & sneak a quick ride in as well.

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