Thursday, February 16, 2012

Most People Drive Like Ignorant A$$holes

I've known this for years.  Some days people reinforce it for me.  The more I bike commute the more I see it.  People get behind the wheel & turn off their brains.

  Tonight coming to work I had to scream at a car to keep the lady from running me over.  I guess it was my fault for not realizing she was so important that she had the right of way in the intersection (even though I did). 

I've found most near misses are my fault or at least the look the driver gives me indicates that.  Why of course how dumb of me to not know your on your cell phone (fact: 95% of women when in a car by themselves will be using their cell phone*) & not paying attention to the road.  Or my personal favorite;  the driver nearly side swipes you while passing because they are clueless to how wide their vehicle is.  I'm guessing here but I imagine they think the same about their ass too. 

* Data from my astute observations of people driving while I'm running or riding. Accuracy +/- 95%

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