Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Unexpected rest day

The weather didn't cooperate.  2" of snow kept me from running outside Monday.  I had planned to get up & run on the dread mill.  Just couldnt bring myself to do it.  So rolled over & went back to sleep. Not a habit I want to get into for sure. 

I've been meaning to put my bike on the trainer next to the dreadmill since moving Mia upstairs.  Haven't gotten around to it yet.  I'm pretty sure I could have motivated to ride the trainer if it was jump on & go.

Probably shouldn't have stayed up this am to watch Walking Dead, but Damn its hard to wait to watch it.  I do like a good zombie killing. 

I started using an android app to track my sleep.  Sleep Bot.  Kinda cool to see data on my sleep habits.  I'm all over the place.

Date, Sleep Time, Wake Time, Hours,
02/13/12,  15:42,  16:37,          0.91,
02/13/12,  10:05,  15:25,          5.33,
02/12/12,  12:59,  17:00,          4.01,
02/12/12,  00:09,  04:00,          3.85,
02/11/12,  21:50,  07:14,          9.40,
02/10/12,  22:46,  07:25,          8.65,
02/09/12,  20:00,  20:20,          0.33,
02/09/12,  03:00,  07:29,          4.48,
02/08/12,  16:24,  17:50,          1.43,
02/08/12,  10:00,  16:24,          6.40,

You press an icon when you go to bed & another when you wake up. This is the data I've tracked since I started using the app.  It's easy to see I sleep for random amounts & at varying times. Plus I nap whenever I can.

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