Sunday, February 12, 2012

Week 1.2

Todays the end of my first week of my 2nd cycle of training.  Had planned on hitting a 5k yesterday but the low temps made me decide against.  Kinda regret that now after the runs I had Saturday & today.  Oh well racing gets in the way of training anyway.

Snows on the way so might make the next few days sporty.  Had light days planned since I work the next 4 days.  With the likelyhood of the roads being slick I drove to work tonight & probably will have to tomorrow night as well. That means I'll have to try & sneak some bike mileage later in the week somehow. 

The Lance finished 2nd overall today in the Panama 70.3 Ironman.  I guess its cool a 40 yo guy can be that competative.  He's 2 months older than me & I know I couldn't place in the top 100.  Oh well there also isn't clouds of suspicion over my head either. 

Maybe this weekend I'll try get some pool laps in to work toward a triathalon.  Going to be kiddo free so might be able to get the time. Guess its weather dependant.  If its sunny I'll be more interested in being outside than in a pool.

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