Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Connecting DirectTv to Internet with Linksys router running Tomato

This is mostly for my own reference & I'll be expanding on it.  with pix etc.  this is just to get me started. So don't bitch at me yet.  I should add my computer is running Ubuntu 11.10 but steps should work on Windows XP-7(I think)

Decided to get around to hooking my DirectTv DVR to the internet.  
1) ran Cat 6 cable from computer/Linksys Router to DVR.
2) Used my crimper tool to put ends on.  This is a reference for how the wires need to go.  The Ideal crimper comes with a wiring diagram too.
3) Then I checked my wiring with this cable tester.  Very handy to make sure you got the wires where they need to be.  I had to cut one end off & recrimp it because I had a loose connection.  That would have played even more hell with  my setup without the tester.
4) Now verify I have communication.  Lights at the plug on the back of the DVR & a light at the corresponding plug on the router.
5)I'm using a Linksys WRT54G/GS/GL with Tomato version   1.28.1816.  There are excellent guides online how to do this.  I highly recommend Tomato. Super easy to set up & use.
 6) Now you have to go to the settings menu in the DVR.
7) Go to advanced settings.
8) Get the Mac address for the DVR
9) Now you have to get the next static IP from your router.  in my case
10) now you have to plug in some numbers into the DVR
        IP Address: The next in line
       Subnet Mask:
       Default Gateway: (found on the Overview page of the Tomato screen)
       DNS: This was the step that tripped me up

11)now click connect.  should say connected.  
12)now will have to reboot DVR & Router.  
13)If all works should then connect to the internet.

Now for fun:  with an Android phone you can control your DVR This is the app I'm using on my HTC Thunderbolt

All for now.. Updates to follow

Edit: (3/15/12) Without a Deca installed you can't use multi view DVR.  This is a pain since I like to watch my DVR recordings while I ride the trainer.  I have a Deca ordered & on the way, so hopefully this cures that problem.

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