Thursday, February 23, 2012

Rest day

Today turned into an unplanned rest day.  I woke up this afternoon and was pretty wiped.  I figured an extra hour of sleep was better than 5 easy miles. 

A pattern is starting to form.  I'm going 8 days on then the need for rest hits me.  I'm thinking the 8 days is key here since technically that is a week for me with my 4 on/ 4 off work schedule.  I'm going to have to factor this into my training plan so my future rest days are planned instead of forced.  Really today isn't a complete rest, more of an active rest since I rode to work. 

The extra hour sleep put me on the right side of the weekly sleep debt stat that the SleepBot App tracks.  Since I started using it I'm usually on the wrong side while I work.  I'm a whole 22 minutes ahead for the last 10 days.  It's a pretty miss leading stat which I pretty much ignore.  The chart generated by the daily sleep total is more telling.  I can look at it & tell exactly when I'm working & when I'm not.

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