Sunday, March 25, 2012

From craptastic to progress

As I posted earlier this week I wasn't going well.  After I did 5x800 on
Thursday things started to pick up. I wasn't super happy with my intervals, but I did them at or under goal pace.  Running to work 2 days gave me a mileage boost.  I hit 60 miles for the week. That's a new high. 

The temporary plan is to actually finish a long run or two next week & bump my mileage up to 65-70ish.  Also a new plan for my tempo runs.  Warming up first.  A novel idea I know but they have always been done with time constraints.  Going to have to plan around that so I can get more quality out of them.  I may hit the track for intervals instead of the bike path.  Will have to see how my days off go.

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