Saturday, March 24, 2012

Run commute day 2

Good run home this am.  Cool enough for long sleeves & gloves.  The lighter load in the pack going home helped too.

When I got home showered & put on my compression stuff. Then hit the foam roller while watching F1 quali & drinking my favorite recovery drink.

What the Hell happened to Kobi? He's got to get his Shit together in quali.  Especially since Perez made Q3.  Though it looks like he may not need to worry about Perez for long.  I'm guessing a couple more bad drives by Massa & his Ferrari seat will be Perez's.  At this rate by the euro races.

Woke up feeling a little worse for wear.  That has become the new norm.  I have to move around for awhile to not shuffle around like I'm 90.  Probably put too much food in my pack.  Weighed it at work, 6.4lbs.  That explains why I struggled running in.  Weighed myself as well.  I'm getting close to my goal weight. Really close. 

Four day run commuting is going to be a challenge.  Will have to build up to it for sure.  I'm liking the extra miles though.  New mileage high this week thanks to commuting.

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