Tuesday, March 13, 2012

transitional week

Yesterday was my first run in 10 days.  Without mincing words it sucked.  I lost a bunch of fitness being sick.  Plus I'm not 100% over it yet.  Still have an annoying cough.  Today though was 100000x better.  Was actually able to cruise with a  7:13avg.  Even dropped 2 miles under 7.

Instead of writing this week off I'm going to call it a transitional week.  No long run just runs to get back in the swing.  Then I'll make the next 3 weeks really hard.  Lots of Fartlek & long tempo runs.  I'll shoot for 3 maybe 4 key workouts per week. My average per mile pace has been steadily dropping.  Hopefully after this month it will be around 7:10 for most runs.

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