Saturday, March 10, 2012

Day 8 & still sick.

Still feeling it a bit.  Now Amber thinks she has it. Alex had to go on steroids today to help his breathing.  Mia only feels good as long as she's on Motrin.  It's her spring break so hopefully she feels better soon.
It's my last night at work for this 4 days.  Hopefully with some good sleep on my days off I can shake this crap.  8 days sick also means I haven't ran in 8 days.  That's alot of fitness lost.  To be safe I also drove to work every night this week.  Can't remember the last time that happen.  Last winter when it got super cold & snowy I think.
Going to try & be smart & not force it this week but its going to be hard when its supposed to be 70 every day I'm off.  I guess I'll not make a plan for this week & play it by ear.

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