Friday, March 09, 2012

The wheels on the bus fell off & caught on fire

I knew it was going to happen but didn't want to jinx myself.  It happened anyway. IT being getting sick.  Spent all 4 of my days off suffering.  2nd night back at work & feeling a little better but not 100%.  Definately not well enough to ride to work or run yet.  Not the recovery week I had planned.  Had to skip my planned 18 miler Sunday.  That kinda sucked. 
Now both the kids are sick.  Hopefully Amber doesn't get sick.  Or I pick up another bug before getting healthy.  There has been a pretty nasty bug going around at work & Mia's school has strep going around.I need a bubble.
On a positive note being sick has kept me off coffee.  Not a drop since last Friday.  Plus I've been sleeping tons.  Though sick sleep doesn't really count.  I am up 16.5 hrs in SleepBot.  Highest I've seen since starting using the app.  I slept over 9 hrs today.  That has to be a daytime sleep PR for me.  But again sick sleep doesn't count.
Not sure yet what the next 4 week cycle will look like now.  I'm guessing at least a week, maybe 2 will be building back up from being sick.

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