Thursday, April 12, 2012

4/11/12 AM&PM run commutes, Podcasts & the Barkley Marathon

Brrr! It got cold this AM.  Brought a long sleeve beenie, & gloves. Knees got a bit cold though uncovered. 42 degrees is a bit cool for shorts.

Was listening to a podcast that had an interview with Dave Horton. He was talking about finishing the Barkley Marathons 100 miler . A race so hard only 1% finish its 100 miles. That's 13 to date!  Here is a race report by the 13th finisher.  Read it for sure!

Anyway I've been reading a lot of ultrarunner blogs lately. Not sure why but most have cool mountain pix. Last week or so I read mention of the Barkley. It sounded vaguely familiar for some reason.

Back to podcast. Dave mentioned having to rip pages out of a book to prove you have run the right course. Again this sounded really familiar. I ran a bit more and a memory hit me. In 2004 I did a 4 day adventure race called the Beast of The East.  It had an Orienteering section in Frozen Head State Park. I recall JC saying something about a race here blah blah maybe the Barkley?  Don't recall much since this came at day 3+ my mind was shot not to mention fighting the pain in my knee.

This was after the swelling went down some.

Now that I've rambled my point is I've been over a big chunk of the 20 mile loop that makes up the Barkley and all I can say is Screw That.  Some great before & after pix of the Barkley runners. No way i'd put myself through that 60 hours of torture.  I vividly remember the climb out of Frozen Head 8 years later.

Back to my commute.  Run home the watch said 6.66 miles.  Oh that can't be good.   Out of podcasts on the shuffle so go to load it back up & itunes doesn't want to play nice.  I was to tired to fight it & Apple makes me angry to begin with.  So I put the podcasts on the cheapo China shuffle knock off. 
Run to work.  The cheapo China shuffle stops working less than 1.5 miles from home. Craptastic. Oh well enjoy a run with just my thoughts.  Hit the gate at work look at my watch.  6.66 miles.  Uh oh not going for 3 6.66 runs in a row so in AM I'm running a different way home.

** I'm posting this from my phone so I'll clean up later & add some links and a pix of my Beast knee.
*** Obviously I've edited this

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